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At Best Behavioral Solutions (BBS), we understand that every child is unique and that the dynamics of every family differ. For this reason, our approach is centered around what will work best for your child, and their families. Our specialists treat the specific needs of the child, the problem behaviors, any skill deficits, and address parent concerns, regardless of the existing diagnosis. We focus on helping your child develop the independence and social skills necessary to live a functional life. We teach functional daily living skills, verbal skills, academic skills, social skills, and address any maladaptive behaviors present.


Behavior Analysis is a branch of psychology which uses scientifically tested principles such as positive reinforcement to bring about positive changes in your child’s behavior. Our program is conducted in-home, at school, and/or community-based contingent on the individualized needs of the child


Our goal is to give our clients the tools they need to be fulfilled members of their community who participate in a variety of social activities. The structured sessions provide prompts and practice to be successful in their interaction with friends and family.


Our onsite sensory room, and home to our social skills club, is equipped with the resources needed to stimulate your child’s senses. The room features equipment conducive to development in the areas of art, physical, and occupational therapies.


Intensive training sessions teach parents, and family members involved in the daily living of the child, techniques that improve communication and cooperative behavior in children with autism and other developmental disorders.


Our therapists can conduct therapy in your preferred language of English or Spanish.

autism therapy miami

Service Eligibility

BBS serves children with behavioral challenges. Typically, we support individuals who require assistance in developing or enhancing language skills to more effectively communicate their needs and functional skills (e.g., daily living, self-regulation) that will lead to greater independence diminishing problem behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, elopement, and property destruction that limit their ability to develop skills and participate fully in integrated settings.

Getting Started

The first step in working with BBS is to contact us to complete the on-line request for services form. In order to check benefits and obtain authorization, we will need to collect basic demographic information for the parent/caregiver and individual who will receive the services. In addition, you will have the opportunity to upload pictures of your insurance card (front and back) and any diagnostic reports and prescriptions that will verify the diagnosis.

Work With Us

We are so glad you have found us and have taken an interest in us! The BBS team is made up of passionate individuals who truly believe in the ability of Behavior Analysis to vastly improve the lives of the children we service.  For this reason, we are very selective of the therapists that make up our team and offer ongoing continual education opportunities. We strive to maintain a caring, collaborative environment that promotes professional growth and advancement.

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autism therapy miami